Everything You Need to Know about How to Write a Movie Review

Specifics of Movie Reviews

Movies gained huge popularity among the people of different age. They are considered an effective means of relaxation that helps people distract from the issues that happened during the day. Some movies are worth being reviewed. It is apparent that reviews will differ considerably from each other since everyone has their own opinion about the watched film. The main function of a movie review is to give readers a basic understanding of what the movie is about. At this point, it is essential to underline the importance of being aware of how to write a movie review. If one does not have a clue about how a review is created, it is hardly possible that they will be able to convey the chief idea of the movie and help readers decide if it is worth watching.

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Movie review writing help: film reviews have to be clear, coherent and provide detailed information about a specific film. It should be emphasized that reviews aim to reveal all aspects of the plot as readers may lose interest in the movie that is analyzed. Your viewpoint has to be clear and objective regardless of whether the movie is of high or poor quality. No matter the kind of movie you need to evaluate, you have to understand how to write a movie review.

Film Review Structure

A movie review has to include:

  1. Introductory part
  2. Body section
  3. Recommendations
  4. Concluding part

Below, there are useful steps which you should follow to find out how to write a movie review. By considering those points, you will learn to create engaging reviews.

Introductory Part

Begin your review with an introduction which should serve as a hook for readers. It has to provide a concise summary of the analyzed movie, spoilers excluded. Make sure this part of your paper is engaging. Otherwise, readers will not desire to keep browsing your review.

Once the key points of your summary are highlighted, you may produce a thesis statement. To catch readers’ attention, provide some interesting facts or unexpected viewpoints about the movie you are analyzing. Comparing the film with the similar ones or the latest events taking place in the society is a wonderful idea. Keep in mind that your thesis is the core of your review which you will refer to when discussing some aspects of the movie. Additionally, it is the element linking the introduction with the body.

Body Section

This is the part of your review where a detailed analysis of the movie will be performed. Here, you are supposed to talk about strong and weak points of the movie. You may also state what emotions you experienced after watching the movie. Write clearly so that readers can understand everything without additional explanations. If you want to add weight to your review, provide examples and irrefutable facts.

In the body section, you should also discuss the items relating to cinematography, i.e. camera movements, light, filters, etc. In addition, it is necessary to mention the role of sound effects in perceiving the movie by viewers. Though the said aspects are certainly important, the storyline and actors’ play are what really matters. That is why you have to pay meticulous attention to these two items. As to other points that have to be discussed in the body, they are: scenes, tone, etc. Note that it is better to take a positive stance on the movie to make its objective evaluation.

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Remember that your readers are not film producers and thus, you should not use too many specific terms and expressions. Your review has to be written clearly so that everyone who wants to find out whether the movie is worth their time can comprehend it.

Providing vivid examples is a must as they play a crucial role in supporting your thesis statement. To make your review more detailed, you may highlight the specifics of actors’ play, appropriateness of the depicted landscapes, peculiarities of interpreting scenes, etc. In addition, you may include some quotes from the dialogues between the characters to make your thesis more powerful. All these means are very helpful in analyzing the movie and conveying its central message.


The “Recommendations” section can also be one of the structural components of a movie review. Recommendations given by the reviewer serve as one more proof of the film quality. They help readers make the final decision on whether to watch a movie under examination. If the writer’s comments on the discussed film are negative, it is highly possible that readers will not wish to spend their time and money on the movie of low quality. In case the writer’s comments are positive, readers may arrive at a decision to watch the movie.

Concluding Part

Your review should end with a reasonable conclusion which has to be closely connected with the thesis statement expressed in the introduction. In this part, you are required to outline the chief points of your piece of writing. Here, you can make your final statement about whether the assessed movie is worth being watched. Bear in mind that your concluding part has to be captivating.

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Bringing Your Review to Perfection

Once your review is written, you have to edit it thoroughly. Mind that this step cannot be neglected as none of us is excellent at writing. Making mistakes is intrinsic to people and you are not an exception. Thus, strive to edit your piece of writing carefully. Keep in mind that it is
worth reading your review several times and check whether all structural items are both available and arranged in the right manner. Is your text consistent? Note that you may need to rearrange paragraphs, reconstruct or even remove some sentences, and provide additional information to make your review logical and effective. Grammar and vocabulary have to be checked as well. All the spotted mistakes, i.e. grammar, spelling, etc. have to be corrected so that readers do not get confused by an improper sentence structure. You should edit your piece of writing as many times as needed to make sure it is perfect in all terms.

In order to be absolutely sure that your review contains all the required structural components and provides detailed information about a specific movie, you should give answers to some questions. Is there a direct connection between your concluding section and the thesis highlighted in the introduction? Does your review provide a unique opinion about the analyzed film? Is your review useful for readers? Does it provide the facts which readers will not find in any other review? It is of cardinal importance to scrutinize your review thoroughly to be able to detect possible gaps. In case any flaws in the content are identified, you should add some extra information to make your review complete and give readers a better understanding of the movie you are evaluating.

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One more way of improving your review is watching the movie again. Hence, once your review is ready, spend some time watching the film you were analyzing. It will help you ensure that not a single aspect of the movie was misinterpreted in your review. It is obvious that no one can vividly remember every last detail about the movie, i.e. specifics of some scenes, actors’ tone. That is why it is better to stay focused on the movie rather than jotting down some facts while watching it. Mind the tiniest details and see how they are described in your review. Usually, some slight nuances are very helpful in conveying the film director’ message.

As soon as all stages are passed through, share your review with your friends and family to see whether their viewpoint about the movie is the same as yours.