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Since the world transferred most of its activities online to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many students and teachers have been facing an overwhelming challenge of transitioning to online and cloud-based studies.

As campuses closed in response to the pandemic, colleges across the world implemented online learning and, in particular, online tests. Schools had little time to adjust, so many exams are now open-book.

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Students are preoccupied with the question “who can help me take my online test?” or “where to search online test help” as the new test formats appear and the colleges and universities are forced to adapt to online learning.

The purpose of an online exam is to evaluate the knowledge the students have. We all remember how it was in the good all days, when everyone had to come to class at the same time and take an exam. Under the new circumstances, students can take an exam from the comfort of their home no matter where they live.

Online Examination Systems Explained

Teachers and lecturers use exam builders to create a course account. This system allows them to create questions and then include them in the test. Just like in a regular exam, the course builders can use multiple-choice or open-ended questions.

The Pros and Cons of the New System

The biggest advantage of online examination is its cost and time-efficiency. Both students and teachers benefit from it. At the same time, the biggest limitation is that a student has to be online at a given time.

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Who Can Use the Online test System

Any course creator who needs their students to take an exam can use online test creators, and during the COVID outbreak, these are virtually all teachers in the country. The society is adapting to the new reality; meanwhile, students have to continue learning, thus the pressing need to use the online test systems. In response to new governmental regulations, higher education institutions are using web-based platforms to deliver lectures, share the learning materials, and evaluate the students. Technology-driven measures are the best way to promote equity during the quarantine. But still there are negative implications for examination.

On the upside, the examination procedure has been simplified, because students can take exams from anywhere and at any time in a relatively hassle-free way.

About Online Examination Systems

If you have to choose a system for your future exam, pay attention to the usability and whether it will be easy to create questions. Apart from that, clarify the basic instructions, such as what happens when a student fails your exam.

Online Exam Guidelines

For many students, online learning is a bewildering experience, so no wonder they are asking themselves ‘can someone take my exam for me?’ The fears are reasonable because students do not know what to expect and whether they have the technical skills to ensure the best performance. Luckily, an online test is in many ways similar to a regular in-class exam. At the same time, the environment is totally different and calls for extra awareness and additional preparation. Besides, some faculties use tools for ensuring exam integrity, such as web-browser monitoring software. Students should know how to download it and install it on their computers.

Confidentiality and privacy guaranteed Confidentiality and privacy guaranteed Confidentiality and privacy guaranteed

Exam Preparation

  • Even though you might decide “I will pay someone to take my test”, you still have to know what is expected from you. First, you have to be sure that you fully understand the guidelines. These are the essential questions to answer: does the test have a set date and time or can you take it at any moment within a certain time frame? How much time will be given to take the test? Are the students allowed to take the test at home or should they arrive at a specific location? Did the instructor mention any other important guidelines?
  • Find out the test format. This is important no matter whether you will be taking the test yourself or using take my online test services. What kind of questions will be used during the exam – yes/no, fill-in, multiple-choice questions, essay or combinations of all of these types?
  • Take a practice test. Many instructors offer such an opportunity for students, and if they do, be sure to take it. Alternatively, you can take a practice test found in your textbook.
  • Test your device. This will help you avert last-minute problems, such as bad network connection and low battery. Make sure both hardware and software work correctly. Study the class notes. It is important to know the class material even if the test is ‘open book’.
  • Use your time wisely. Decide how long you can spend on one question and mind the time.
  • Find a cozy test-taking spot. Choose the spot where no one will interrupt and distract you. Turn off all notifications on your devices. Switch off the TV and radio. If you are not alone, let the other people know that you will be taking a test so that you could fully concentrate on the test.
  • Choose the best time to take a test. If the instructor did not set a specific hour and the test will be available for several hours, choose the time when you know you will not be distracted and will have no sources of stress.
  • Take all the materials you need with you. If you are allowed to use course notes and lectures, keep them within your reach while you will be taking a test.
  • Try to relax. Take a deep breath and stay focused on the task.
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During the Exam

  • Mind the time. For example, it may help to set an alarm to go off every 20 minutes.
  • Save the copies of your answers to the test questions if possible. You will need them in cases when you have unexpected technical problems during the test and cannot submit your answers.
  • Do not close the test page. Even though you might be allowed to search the web for answers, make sure you do not leave the test page by mistake. If you open several tabs, you may accidentally close all of them, which is why it is recommended to use a different browser to conduct your search.
  • Stay calm if you have technical problems. Instead, contact your instructor immediately and follow their guidelines. A screenshot would be helpful, as well.
  • Double-check your answers before submitting them. Make sure you did not skip a single question and proofread your answers.
  • Submit your answers. You have to press the ‘Submit’ button only once but you can try again if there is some technical problem. In this case, do not hesitate to let your professor know.
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Review Your Results

  • Evaluate your progress. What do you think of your results? Were there any particularly confusing questions? Can you find the answers to them in your notes?
  • See your grade. Even if someone else in response to your “help me take my online test” request took your test, you have to check your grade. In some cases, you can see it immediately, but it might take longer to get the final grade.
  • What can you improve by the next time? Were your study strategies effective or maybe you need to try another approach? Evaluate your work and use your observations to prepare for the next test even better.

Tests and exams are rarely the most interesting part of the studying process for students. Some of them find ways to avoid anxieties by using ‘take my online test’ services. Even though online tests seem less stressful than in-class examinations, gaining a high grade is equally challenging, so students frequently ask themselves ‘Can someone take my test for me online?’ Use the tips listed in this article and you will surely achieve a better result.