How to Write a Case Study: Great Essay Writing in 5 Steps

A case study assignment is a type of academic writing that is assigned to students of college and university levels. If you wonder how to write a case study, keep in mind that the principle of writing is the same as with the report. As such, a case study may be written based on a situation, event, thing, person or some phenomenon. It should be brief, succinct and narrowly focused.

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As any other type of academic writing assignment, the process of case study writing is split in a few consistent stages with the main aim of making the writing process easier and more effective. However, it is recommended not only to fulfill all stages but to adhere to a specific time schedule since work on each case study writing stage should be consistent. At the same time, it is perfectly normal to revise the paper throughout and after the writing process as well as to revise some sections in order to improve them.

Stages Explaining How to Write a Case Study Effectively

1. Get clarifications regarding the task

Read the case study assignment prompt attentively and, if needed, ask your professor any questions of clarification that you may have. There may be a situation that a seemingly clear assignment may be understood in different ways, so in such case it is important to make everything clear. As an option, if you are not completely sure how to write a case study, you may discuss the assignment with fellow classmates. A good recommendation is to visualize the task, create some mind maps, brainstorm ideas and only then to start writing. Visualization techniques will help you organize ideas in a consistent and clear way. Besides, if you are wondering how to write a good case study, try answering the questions below and maybe they will help you get on the right track:

  • Do you have sufficient background information on the case?
  • What is the central problem/ issue of the given case?
  • Do you have any specific guidelines on case study writing from your instructor?
  • What tools apart from brainstorming and mind maps can you use?
  • What do you know about the adjacent situation to the one presented in the case?
  • Are there any gaps in the case? What knowledge do you lack?
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2. Consider theories and specific strategies for case analysis

If you need some additional theoretic information, dig into your college notes and you will definitely be able to find the required theoretical support. Besides, you may consult the recommended literature and textbooks from the course curriculum. Still wondering how to write a case study essay? Check out the practical tools below:

  1. Identify the underlying problem or issue that lies in the case example. What issues are at stake? What are the risks in general? Sometimes to analyze these questions, you need to study some additional information. If there are a few problems, prioritize them and try resolving them in some logical order. Keep in mind that you will need to discover solutions as well.
  2. Apply your tools and strategies to provide a problem analysis. Take the tools that would prove to be most useful and beneficial in your case. Discuss the application of the chosen strategies with your classmates and professor.
  3. Take notes of all findings you have gained. You need to record all information you have come across in literature during your studying process. Remember to comment on these findings as it will help you logically develop your argument in the process of writing the very case study.

3. Identify your recommendations concerning the case analysis as well as conclusions.

If you want to know how to write a case study assignment in a successful way, keep in mind that you should not merely have to provide a perfect analysis of the issue but also to come up with recommendations on how to resolve or eradicate the problem. Depending on the number of issues in the whole case, you might present your solutions in the form of text or even structure them in the form of a table.

After the recommendations list comes the conclusion paragraph, where you need to wrap up the main points of discussion on the case.

4. How to write a case study report.

After you have gone through the preparatory stage, you should now be ready to start organizing the very case study report. If you lack clarity on how to write a case study report example, review the following recommendations on how to write a case study properly:

  • Compose a plan. Just as with any other type of academic writing, it is essential to create an extended outline or a detailed plan before the writing process. The plan of the case study will help you visualize the shape of the case study and will assist you in understanding how to write a case study paper in an organized way. So, include all sections and subsections in the outline and decide in which order you will present the information.
  • Create a timeframe for consistent work. Try to stick to the schedule and work on the case study consistently. As such, try to split the whole assignment into short-term goals and set deadlines for each of the separate tasks. Start with those sections that you feel confident in or that you have gathered enough information for – it is not necessary to work on the writing process in the order of how the sections appear in the paper.
  • Take into account your target audience. The case study is definitely intended for some people to read. Think who will find it most interesting. As such, choose the vocabulary as well as sentence structures accordingly. Try to consider readers’ professional and educational background in order to express your thoughts in a comprehensive way. With a decent approach, you will be able to convey the ideas in a more effective way.
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5. Write the rough draft

When you are seeking for effective ways to write a case study paper, please consider that the process can be lengthy, especially if you do not know how to do a case study at all and thus need to revise the paper dozens of times. As such, do not expect to write a perfect paper from the very first time. Most probably, you will get the desired result only after a long and tedious process of thorough editing and proofreading. So, if you want to know how to write up a case study so that it deserves an excellent mark, check out the following steps:

  • In case you have questions, re-read the assignment once again. Pay attention to the key words and correlate them to the main objectives of the paper.
  • Be picky about choosing supporting evidence and materials where you extract examples from. Make sure to take only up-to-date and credible information.
  • Maintain a logical flow of thought. Use transitions between paragraphs and different ideas. Divide sections into subsections in order to help your readers better navigate through the paper. If you are adding some visual aid to the paper, make sure it fits in well.
  • Proofread the paper to make it free from errors and edit the paper to improve the content. Even if you are good at editing on your own, be sure that scanning your paper via a spell-checker would not be an odd thing to do. On the contrary, if you feel challenged when working on the editing part, find an editor and trust a professional with your assignment.

Hopefully, this case study writing help tips will help you create an outstanding paper.