How to Write an Article Review? Effective Tips and Strategies

What Is an Article Review?

An article review is an unbiased, straightforward, and constructive evaluation of the particular article through the summary, interpretation, and analysis. An article review is a special academic task that gives the professors the opportunity to check the students` writing+ and research skills, as well as their abilities to synthesize and organize the research properly. For the students, it is a good chance to read and evaluate the work of experts in a particular field of study, learn the new concepts, and improve the research skills. Usually, the article can also be evaluated for its clarity, authenticity, and relevance to the specific subject. When answering the question “how to write a review” you must understand the importance of this task, as well as the required depth of the analysis. If you want to know how to write an article review, just keep reading our guide.

How to Write a Review Paper?

We assure you that when it comes to writing an article review paper, it is necessary to organize the working process properly. If you experience some difficulties with choosing the best out of many scholar research topics, feel free to ask your professor for assistance, and he/she will help you to choose the most relevant, interesting, and thought-provoking research article for your analysis. Also, if you ask him “how to write an article review?” he/she will be glad to explain all the peculiarities of this process to you.

  1. First and foremost, it would be very helpful to create an article outline, in which you could mention the key points and ideas discussed in the article.
  2. Start with the introduction in which you will mention the title of the article and its author. Don`t know how to write an article title? In the requirements given by your professor, there is a point about the formatting style required. If it is an APA, feel free to find the APA manual and follow it.
  3. Then you need to write a short article summary. How to write an article summary? Just list all the thoughts and ideas claimed by the author in the order they appear in the article. If you are not sure how to write a summary of an article, feel free to download the samples and follow their structure.
  4. Finally, present the in-depth article analysis.

How to Write a Good Review?

Undoubtedly, in order to write a good review, you need to be interested in the topic of the article. If you want to get a good grade for your paper review, you have to start working once you got the task. Remember that procrastination takes much time and reduces your chances for academic success.
So, start with a good introduction. Involve your reader from the first line informing him/her about your purpose. Then, write several meaningful paragraphs in which you will cover all interesting and important aspects of the article chosen. If you are going to discuss its strengths and weaknesses, be sure to dedicate one paragraph to one strength or weakness. Finally, write a powerful conclusion. Some students mistakenly just restate the ideas discussed in the article; however, this approach is wrong. In your conclusion, you need to demonstrate the article`s value, as well as the overall impression of the article.

Proofreading your essay is the last and equally important stage of the writing process. To get a positive grade, you need to make sure the paper is totally free from grammar mistakes.

How to Analyze an Article?

You may use various methods for the article analysis. You may analyze it point by point or as the whole unit. No matter what method you choose, your evaluation should be maximally unbiased and straightforward. Indeed, there are a lot of scholarly articles available in various databases, but not all of them are good for review. Thus, when picking your article, try to think about your audience.

In conclusion, we assure you that it is not that difficult to review articles. So, stop searching everywhere with the request “how to write a college level essay.” If you apply the professional approach, you will be able to achieve the desired result.